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Want to use the Money in wallet. Then follow the steps.

Click the link below and purchase any book from Amazon
We shall give you upto 5% cashback in your bank account and deduct that amount from wallet.
After the purchase fill out the details at bottom of this page.
We will give you money on your UPI or Bank Account till first week of the month
You will be communicated over email.

After you purchase within specified time fill the details, you will be contacted via email

Of course you can buy anything else as well but the percentage of cashback will vary in those cases.

Yes if you are provided with a immediate cashback of 10 % from debit/credit card of Axis Bank as an example.
We shall provide you 5 % more cashback after deducting from your wallet. So, you have 15% cashback in total.

But you should not click on any other link and purchase within the counter finishes.

You earn when you signup- ₹250

When you visit website daily (even for first time) -₹50 daily

When someone of your friend signup from your referral account – ₹250 to both every time.

When you review some school/business – ₹ 200 after approved

When you list a business on this – ₹ 400 after approved.